50 Cent's Game Director raps about crystal skulls, big-ass guns

GR: There are over 20 weapons, but which one is the biggest? Which is your favorite?

JW: (laughs) The biggest? I guess it’d be the Fabrique MG, the heavy machine gun, but this isn’t my favourite. My absolutely favourite is the Fabrique 249 - it feels great and is very, very effective.

GR: How does the point system work? Can you give us some tips for some really high scores?

JW: Each kill scores points and starts an on-screen timer which is represented by a bar. By modifying the kill, such as by scoring a headshot, blowing the enemy up, counter-killing, the score increases. Kill another enemy before the time runs out and you’re into combo territory. The key to high scores is to chain kills together - to combo. Individual kills, even when modified, don’t score that highly, but each kill in a chain increases the multiplier of the next kill. To get the highest scores, make sure that the 3rd and 4th kill in a chain are good ones - modified kills or headshots are ideal. Also, make sure you collect all the posters, shoot all the targets, and destroy everything, especially the cars. We score these big.

Get enough points and you’ll be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold at the end of each of the 24 levels. These awards allow you to unlock new content such as music, videos, concept art and in-game cheats.

GR: What’s your favorite feature of the multiplayer aspect of the game? Does it utilize the point system?

JW:My favorite feature is that it’s true anytime join. It’s great to be able to start a game, play single player for a little while until your buddy’s ready to join, and then just carry on playing co-op when he drops in with no going back to the menu system. It’s a great feature.