50 Cent's Game Director raps about crystal skulls, big-ass guns

GR: An action game sometimes has to be an action game. Can you give us an example of an over-the-top, mega-explosion moment in the game that will drop jaws?

JW: 2 moments spring to mind: when 2 helicopter gunships take out an entire shopping mall, which looks stunning, and when you’re actually manning a weapons platform flying through the mountain valleys blowing the hell out of the enemy. Both of those moments are jaw-dropping.

GR: Wouldn’t it be better if “Fiddy” and his crew realize that a gigantic diamond skull isn’t worth dying or killing for, decide to accept that they can’t win every battle and return to their multi-million dollar tour and platinum albums?

JW: That’s not 50’s style man – “Get Rich or die Tryin”

GR: Could 50 pull off an Adventure-Puzzler in his next game, something like 50 Cent: Secret Treasure Clues in the Sand? Or is he best suited for an action game? Why?

JW: We should so do that game. I’m on the phone to Violator right now……gotta go. ;-)

For even more on 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, check out the in-depth story and design documentary below:

Jan 27, 2009