The 60 best moments of the last console generation

Street Fighter IV's reveal trailer proving that Capcom hadn't forgotten about fighting games.

Pulverizing Zeus's stupid smug face into jam at the end of God of War III. Fuck you Zeus. - Clovin64

Storming Space Normandy with robots and jetpacks in Vanquish. - Pruman

Deadly Premonition managing to blow everyone away despite looking and playing like a PS2 launch title. - Mdgeist316

Halo 3, playing zombies with all my friends in custom games on forge maps we had made that had huge towers and stuff. - MikeJazzfaceTheDancingSquirrel

Jumping off the roof with DaVincis flying machine in AC2. - CatcarDriver

The doors of Vault 101 opening for the first time to the blinding sunlight in Fallout 3. - CitizenWolfie

Flipping an Elephant in Halo 3 and getting the message "wait, how did you do that?" - snipes101

Shooting the Moon in Portal 2. - awesomesauce

Buying Rockstar's Table Tennis for less than a dollar and realizing I loved it. - jedisamurai

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