The 60 best moments of the last console generation

Watching your car curl around a pole in Burnout Paradise.

Peter Moore announcing Grand Theft Auto 4 by revealing his newest tattoo.

Tearfully dropping the Companion Cube into an incinerator.

Getting to the chopper at the last possible second in a Left 4 Dead finale.

Activating berCharge as a Heavy-Medic duo in your first match of Team Fortress 2.

Escorting the Joker to his cell at the beginning of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Getting 100% of the Achievements or Platinuming your favorite game.

Calling in a multi-kill air strike in Call of Duty multiplayer.

Being forced to watch helplessly as Jenny dies in The Darkness.

Your first all-nighter with Wii Sports and a group of friends.

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