5 Plots for Mrs Doubtfire 2

The news that Robin Williams will be donning his pinny once more for Mrs Doubtfire 2 has set the world (well, the internet) ablaze with sporadic excitement and a hefty dose of bewilderment.

So whether you're a fan of the idea or not, we decided to come up with five potential ideas for a Doubtfire sequel.

Warning - stupidity abounds.


Following on from the original's ending wherein Daniel found fame hosting children's show Euphegenia's House , Daniel has gone on to have a successful 20-year career as a cross-dressing television presenter.

As such, he's an obvious choice to star as a Guest Judge on the hugely successful reality show RuPaul's Drag Race - but during rehearsals he overhears (but cannot see) one contestant plot to kill Ru in the season finale.

Part Calvary , part Miss Congeniality and 100% FABULOUS, he must come up with increasingly elaborate reasons to stay on the show each week, going undercover to snoop out the killer at the heart of the show in a bid to save the day - and the world's most famous drag queen.


Relaxing at home with the kids one weekend, Mrs Doubtfire rummages through her attic to find a new board game for them all to play.

When she stumbles across one called Jumanji, she unlocks a whole world of adventure she could never had expected. Sucked into a fantasy world, she meets an adult Peter Pan, a blue genie, a fast talking radio DJ and an inspiring English teacher: thus celebrating and/or ruining all of Williams' best roles in just one sequel.


Equal parts Arrested Development and Lethal Weapon , this would be a team-up for the ages.

Arrested Development fans will no doubt recall David Cross' legendary comedic turn as 'Mrs Featherbottom' - a very, very badly crafted drag persona who his character Tobias Funke takes on to get close to his daughter when he's estranged by his wife.

Part Mary Poppins , a hefty part Mrs Doubtfire , it was a classically naff, inept invention.

So why not build on Featherbottom's already considerable fanbase, and pair him up with Mrs Doubtfire in an odd couple comedy thriller for the ages?

On set of one of Tobias' cop show TV appearances, he stumbles across an actual murder. Forced to go undercover, he's thrust into a Witness Location programme - situated right next door to Daniel/Doubtfire. As the bad guys get closer, Featherbottom has to learn from the best to become truly undetectable.


As Miranda - the long-suffering wife of Daniel - Sally Field could do nothing but stand back and put up with all the cross-dressing tomfoolery in the original movie.

Fast forward twenty years, and she's struggling to get to the top of the business world in the face of the ever-prescient sexism glass ceiling. Which is when Daniel comes across a genius idea - Miranda should dress up as a hotshot businessman, and subvert her colleague's bigoted chauvinism.


It's near common film fan parlance that Robin Williams has excelled in the few creepy, terrifying thriller roles he's taken to date. So how about a re-working of one of his best, One Hour Photo ?

The plot stretch isn't that unbelievable - following the events of the first movie, the PTSD ramifications of the intense psychological tomfoolery spark years and years of therapy.

Unfortunately for Daniel, his family never quite manage to get over the breach of trust, thus estranging him to a lonely life of solitude and unhappiness.

Regressing further and further into his Mrs Doubtfire persona - the only one who still truly understands him - he spends less and less time as Daniel, until Doubtfire eradicates Daniel entirely. Eventually, he finds work in a supermarket photo department, and becomes friendly with a family eerily similar to his own.

As he processes their photos year-on-year, he sees the family life he always wanted - an obsession that gradually spills over into violent, dangerous obsession.


And if none of them float your boat, then how about just repurposing the original as a horror film?

We'd definitely watch the movie for this trailer.