5 Overwatch moments to start off your week: Gravity in all its glory

The laws of physics are elegant. Such simple rules guiding how the universe exists, striking a perfect balance between the forces of nature as they push and pull against each other in an eternal dance.

That elegance makes it all the more glorious when Overwatch lets you turn those pesky rules on their heads. Check out some of the best Overwatch moments of the past week, including some choice examples where gravity worked as intended (and some where it didn't).

 1. Yoink! 

Orisa's Halt! attack, clearing control points since March 2017.

2. Lucio knows kung fu

Lucio's emote becomes a legit gameplay strategy for sniper avoidance. Keanu couldn't have done it better. 

3. Zarya gets her vengeance…

In the battle against Zarya's last-second Graviton Surge, Roadhog loses.

4. …and Widowmaker does one better

Roadhog loses here too, going down to Widowmaker's quick thinking and grappling hook.

5. Thanks, Mei! Thanks, Reaper!

So much for being on opposite teams, as the enemy Mei and Reaper unintentionally set up this easy peasy kill for a Reinhardt. 

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Anna Washenko
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