If Movie Bots were Titans - 5 Movie Giant Bots For Titanfall

With Xbox One's ace first-person shooter Titanfall allowing you to take down (and even jump into!) armoured suit after armoured suit, we thought we'd put together a list of the best movie battle-clad giant robots we'd like to see in the game.

Bunny - Sucker Punch

The Movie Bot: With a M134 minigun on one arm and an autocannon on the other, Amber's vehicle of choice during Sucker Punch's World War I fantasy sequence is about as bad-ass as it gets. The fact it has a giant pink bunny's face painted to the front of it only adds coolness points.

Why We Want It In Titanfall: The thought of stomping around Respawn Entertainment's beautifully realized war-planet dressed as a giant metal bunny is too glorious to miss out on.

Exosuit - District 9

The Movie Bot: From giant metal bunny to giant metal prawn - the exosuit is the armoured suit used by the alien race known as Prawns to aid them in construction and repairs. The fact it comes loaded up with some of the coolest sci-fi weapons ever seen on the big screen is just a happy coincidence.

One downside though; it can only be operated by Prawns. But if you can get your claws on some Prawn DNA, it can be yours to take home.

Why We Want It In Titanfall: Titanfall is arguably the greatest first-person shooter on Xbox since Halo, and District 9 was inspired significantly by that game.

Iron Man - Iron Man

The Movie Bot: Tony Stark's best suit is a miracle of engineering (seriously - its first version of the Iron Man armour was bolted together in a cave by a couple of prisoners-of-war from some junk they found lying around) and arguably The Avengers' coolest weapon.

Why We Want It In Titanfall: Titanfall allows you to carry on shooting whilst we're jumping through the air - imagine that with the power of flight.

Gypsy Danger - Pacific Rim

The Movie Bot: Giant monster killing machine designed by the mad scientist / genius that is Guillermo del Toro.

Why We Want It In Titanfall: Mainly because we also want to see Kaiju duke it out with Titanfall's ground troops. Also, as videogame weapons go, the ability to pick up a tanker and swing it into the face of your foe, would be a fun one.

Soldier - Edge Of Tomorrow

The Movie Bot: We've gawped at it in the trailer for one of our most anticipated films of 2014, now we want to be able to control it in one of our most anticipated games.

Why We Want It In Titanfall: Look at it, just look at it. Also, it appears to allow its operator to time travel back to the start of battles when they've been lost, which pretty much sounds like it's been purpose-built for a game created by a studio named Respawn.

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