5 funny Assassins Creed III glitches

4. A dance

I don’t get it. Please explain the glitch to me: It’s unlikely the rhythmic pacing of the soldier is intended -- the tone of the Assassin’s Creed series is generally sober and a dancing Redcoat would be inconsistent. So the dancing soldier is the glitch. You may be thinking the music doesn’t seem appropriate for Assassin’s Creed either, but it’s not a glitch because the music has been added to this particular clip for comic effect by the YouTube user and doesn’t actually feature in the game’s soundtrack.

5. This glitch is really loud so turn your volume down first

I don’t get it. Please explain the glitch to me: The bit where Assassin’s Creed III turns into a dystopian time-stretched Skrillex trapped at the bottom of a very deep well isn't meant to happen. It's a glitch.

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Matt Cundy
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