5 flicks that need to go Blu

The Bourne Trilogy

The gist
Matt Damon beats the ever-loving crap out of people with household items while trying to remember his super-secret military past. (Hint: it involves beating the crap out of people). Revitalizing the action genre is no easy feat, especially after The Matrix somehow made floaty kung-fu awesome and then stupid within a few years. Apparently all it takes is a handheld camera, a Moby song and some brutal-ass fights without any wires.

Even though the films are edited to appear intentionally gritty and grainy, the transfers are anything but awful. True, the first two films are sub-par HD transfers, but the recent sequel looks great and sounds better with its lossless TrueHD 5.1 sound. Again, we don’t know why this isn’t out on Blu-ray yet. These specs should transfer well for the winning format. Get excited now.