5 flicks that need to go Blu

12 Monkeys

The gist
Isolated future prisoner Bruce Willis is sent back in time to stop the Army of the 12 Monkeys from releasing a virus that ends up murdering most of the world’s population. Along the way he’s locked up in a nut house and meets a cuckoo Brad Pitt, who later becomes founder of said army. Director Terry Gilliam (Brazil, Monty Python) piles on the crazy with bizarre twists, baffling time travel physics, and one funky twist ending.

We’re in love with it and want a Blu-ray transfer done right, considering that the HD release is a little lacking. The film is intentionally grainy with soft colors, but still looks leagues better than crummy ol’ standard def. Audio ain’t that great, but we still get the awesome feature-length documentary on the making of the film. If that’s not enough, at least we see Pitt actually acting before he just looked cool and was hell-bent on snatching up orphan babies with his smoking hot girlfriend.

Feb 26, 2008