5 flicks that need to go Blu

HD-DVD is almost completely dead. Yes, almost. More HD-DVDs are being released each week despite Toshiba waving the white flag of horrible defeat to Sony’s superior disc and Microsoft killing off its HD player this past weekend. Unfortunately, pesky contractual obligations between film companies demand their films be released on HD until the agreements expire - meaning we’ll probably be seeing HD-DVD releases through the summer. This leaves Blu-ray owners without some of the coolest movies in their possession until Hollywood gets their shit straight.

Here are the sweetest HD-DVDs we’re looking forward to on Blu-ray once all this format war stuff blows over.


The gist
Annoying dork meets giant robot aliens. Robot aliens destroy a couple blocks of downtown LA. In the middle is a bunch of nonsense, but holy crap does it look purty. Twisted CG metal monstrosities colliding never looked so spectacular. From the first scrap between Bumblebee and Barricade, to the climactic rubble-filled showdown, HD owners get tremendous bang for their buck with pupil-dilating 1080p and eardrum shattering near-lossless audio. How can this not be the disc you show off to all your friends?

Say what you want about this 2.5 hour toy/military commercial explode-‘em-up - we know you probably already bought it. In its first week of release, TF sold 8.3 million standard def DVDs and over 190,000 HD-DVDs making it the highest selling HD disc ever. The demand’s there - are you willing to purchase it again?