5 amazing Overwatch moments to start off your week: Next-level strategies for the win

People who like Overwatch take the game with the utmost seriousness. That means always trying to find new ways to optimize how you play your main character. Thanks to the collective knowledge of the Internet, here are some top-notch strategies that will inspire you to up your game. Hop to it!

1. Alley-oop!

As a tank, Zarya often ends up playing the support role, shielding the friendlies and herding enemies into allies’ ultimates. That’s true here, but it’s a vastly more impressive alley-oop when she’s setting up the play by chucking her own ultimate over a wall.

2. The hidden trick for sniping success

Who needs to be a precision sniper when you can simply distract your prey? Just call them out in the game chat and they’ll stand still just long enough for you to set up a headshot.

3. Nice try, Genji

There’s a standard practice for how Genji takes on a lone opponent. First, the ninja will deflect your shotgun blast. Second, he will dash past you. Third, he will toss Shuriken into your face and you’ll die. Roadhog cuts him off at stage two by predicting exactly where this Genji will wind up after the dash and hooking him to an early demise.

4. Ker-plunk!

Map knowledge is critical if you want to crack into the diamond skill rating. Orisa shows just how well she knows her angles by launching her shield over the London rooftops and into the perfect position to take on an Eradicator.

5. “I’ll follow you down”

Mercy is really dedicated to her tank. So dedicated that she’ll fly after him and continue to boost his damage even as he falls headlong into the well at the center of the Ilios map. Pro tip: don’t do that.

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Anna Washenko
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