40 Oddest Movie Aliens

Lilo & Stitch (2002)

The Alien: Stitch

The Odd: Stitch might be a cute little fellow but there’s no denying he’s a bit strange. It’s not so much the bouts of alien rage he’s prone to, but more the Hawaiian-shirted titting about that pegs him out as an oddball. Still, he’s got the best Elvis impression of any alien on this list, so we’ll give him a pass.

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: We’d like to see Stitch join in with Pegg and Frost’s White Lines routine…

Men In Black (1997)

The Alien: The Bug

The Odd: Having found himself a new home in the well-upholstered form of a rural hick, The Bug just cant resist twisting his host’s face into a terrifying mask whenever there’s a chance of startling somebody. And it’s precisely this inability to keep his eyes on the prize that results in his search for a new galaxy being thwarted. Poor show sir.

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: They could use the memory erasing machine to convince the bloke in Forbidden Planet that they'd already paid for their weekly comic-haul.

TerrorVision (1986)

The Alien: The Blob

The Odd: Most aliens pitch up in some form of spacecraft, but not the oozing antagonist of this mid-eighties schlock-fest. He comes blaring out of the television to claim his victims in a blaze of heavy-handed satire. Too much TV is bad for you kids! As is too much slime…

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: Could they be bothered to change the channel if they saw him preparing to strike? We think not. They’re done for!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

The Alien: Frank N’ Furter

The Odd: A transvestitite song and dance merchant hailing from the planet Transsexual, Frank’s one of the more flamboyant extra-terrestrials you’ll come across. Mind you, that’s nothing compared to the company he keeps. It’s not often that the alien comes across as one of the more well-adjusted characters on show…

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: They’d be decked out in fishnets doing the can-can before you could say “Timewarp”…

Total Recall (1990)

The Alien: Mary the prostitute

The Odd: She’s got three boobs. Not your regular two, but three. As in one less than four. She’s also a prostitute who lives on Mars, but to be honest, that’s by the by. Did we mention she has three boobs?

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Her: Oh God, if we can’t stop banging on about her boobs, their Paul characters certainly won’t be able to.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)

The Aliens: Autobot twins Skids and Mudflap

The Odd: Imagine Ron Atkinson penning the script to Shaft. You’ve just imagined the brand of jive-talking idiocy spouted by twin irritants Skids and Mudflap. At best, they’re teeth-grindingly annoying. At worst, they’re borderline racist. Crushingly, we think we spotted them in the trailer for Dark Of The Moon

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Them:
They’d get pissed, drive them drunk and plough them both into the nearest swamp. Hopefully…

Starman (1984)

The Alien: Starman

The Odd: Jeff Bridges’ Starman is at heart a well-meaning sort, but there’s still something overwhelmingly creepy about inhabiting the corpse of a young woman’s widow. She seems happy enough though, so we guess there’s no harm done. Not on the surface, anyway…

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: They’d probably rub along just fine, largely due to the fact that he’s not dressed up as either of their dead wives!

Flight Of The Navigator (1986)

The Alien: The Puckmaren

The Odd: Uh-oh, hankies at the ready…this poor little fellow is the last of his species! A rarity on this list in that he’s utterly benign, the Puckmaren serves to keep young David occupied on his gruelling journey through space. Sort of like a colouring book then, only more sickeningly cute.

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him: They could stick him on the dashboard as a walking, talking mascot. That’s basically what he’s used for in the film anyway.

War Of The Worlds (2005)

The Aliens: The Martians

The Odd:
These towering, tripod-piloting Martians look to be the most threatening invaders of all, blazing a trail across a woefully underprepared Earth, causing even dashing Tom Cruise to run for his life. But like so many before them, they’re undone by poor planning. They just weren’t ready for our nasty Earth-germs! They should’ve known we’re the sickliest bunch of perishers in the entire universe!

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After One: They’d have to stock up on Strepsils. These poor little lambs don’t deal with sickness very well.

Superman (1978)

The Alien: Superman

The Odd: Practically every other alien in the galaxy is hell-bent on reducing the Earth to a pile of smouldering ruins, and yet Superman wants to dedicate his life to protecting it? Now that’s what we call odd.

If Pegg & Frost Had To Look After Him:
They’d be in geek heaven! So much so that they’d do whatever it takes to keep hold of him. You’re on your own now Metropolis…

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