4 things that set Destiny 2's new social space, The Farm, apart from The Tower

We know that Destiny 2 opens with the destruction of The Last City, and that much of the game will be spent fighting to take back that last refuge of humanity. But where are we going to hang out in our downtime? With The Tower destroyed, Bungie needed to give players a new social space to chill at between missions. That new space is The Farm.

IGN was given a first look at this new zone, which you can check out below:

It's a little plain right now, but there are some interesting teases being talked about here that I want to pull out and focus on.

The space will change and evolve as you progress

The Tower was a fine enough locale, but other than special holiday events, it was pretty static and unchanging. That apparently won't be the case with The Farm, as Bungie mentions adding new NPCs and visual changes as you progress through the story. (Remember, Destiny has a story now.)

You can play soccer

Admit it, you loved kicking around the orbs in The Tower and The Reef, even if they didn't do anything. Well, now they do. There are full-fledged, scored soccer games to play with your fellow Guardians on The Farm, and it looks like a fun little diversion from fighting against the end of the world.

Collect flair and get noticed

What good is all that fancy gear if you can't make people pay attention to you? Bungie says The Farm will have ways to add a bit of dramatic flair to your avatar (though some will be secret) so that you can catch other players' eyes.



About the only thing The Farm doesn't have is Grimoire Cards, and I don't think anyone will miss those. Now, are you ready for the summer beta?

Sam Prell

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