The Destiny 2 beta is coming this Summer

The Destiny 2 beta will be on PS4, Xbox one and [drum roll] PC this Summer, Bungie has revealed in its reveal livestream. 

It's not actually that much of a surprise - we already knew the game was releasing on September 8, and a leaked poster tipped us off to a beta. That's not much of window, although Summer? Summer's close guys. 

In terms of what the beta might contain, the reveal might give us a hint. The implication was those not at the event would get hands on in the same way as those attending. So that's potentially the opening Homecoming mission, a new PvP mode called Countdown, and a new Strike called The Inverted Spire, with a three-stage boss at the end. 

It'll defintely give us all a go at Destiny 2's new weapons systems and supers at least. And presumably we'll see at least one of Destiny's new worlds: Earth's EDZ, Titan, IO or Nessus

Leon Hurley
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