4 things Guerrilla Games wants you to know about Horizon: Zero Dawn heroine Aloy

There's a lot of hype behind the upcoming PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, but when you stop and think about it, we really don't know much about its leading lady, Aloy. Developer Guerrilla Games is hoping to change that today, with the release of a new trailer aimed squarely at exploring who Aloy is and what defines her:

So what are the big takeaways? Well…

Sorry Aloy, nobody likes you 

Aloy is an outcast, shunned by her village. She doesn't even know who her parents are, and a large part of Horizon's story will be dedicated to her uncovering her own past.

Playing as young Aloy will be your introduction to the world 

Aloy might not know much about herself, but she's not some amnesiac JRPG hero; she was young once, and players will take control of a young version of Aloy in the game's tutorial sections.

Aloy has lived a sheltered life 

Aloy has been stuck in one place most of her life, so when she leaves the village, it's a new start for her as well as the player. Art director Jan -Bart Van Beek says that when players discover a new area, Aloy is discovering it too; both should feel a sense of wonder.

She questions her world 

The people and tribes that Aloy encounters throughout her journey have various faiths and myths about how the world came to be in its current state, "but [Aloy] doesn’t really buy into that," writes Guerrilla Games chief Hermen Hulst over on the PlayStation blog. He calls her a "down to earth" girl who is curious and intelligent.

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