3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

Would that we were encamped in lovely downtown Barcelona, basking in the glory of Microsoft's X06 event and soaking up that Spanish sun, but alas, we're not. However, that can't stop us from letting you know a few things that are being rolled out there, including this one available from Xbox 360 Live Arcade, 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventure.

Behold the revival of Sierra Online's 3D Ultra Minigolf series, first launched for PC waaay back in 1997. The original was little more that a set of staid, typical holes of the sort you could find at any Putt Putt. The Deluxe edition a year later, however, took advantage of the fact the whole thing was virtual and added crazy courses that could never actually exist in the real world, based on whimsical themes like "On Cloud 9," "Banshee Castle," and "50s Drive-In Monster Movie." 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures takes that idea to the next level, and adds a splash of Mario Golf for extra flavor.

In Adventures, you get a set of four possible characters to choose from, each with their own personalities and a slightly jiggered set of talents. There are three different themed sets - Classic Theme Park, Old Western Ghost Town and Wacky Science- for a total of 36 holes, each of which is scattered with various power-ups to enhance play. The game also includes a number of unlockables and bonus stuffage in an attempt to boost the replayability.