360 Virtua Tennis sports 1080p

Tuesday 6 February 2007
The Xbox 360 release of Virtua Tennis 3 will be the first game on Microsoft's next-gen console to support 1080p, and will also offer a new VT:TV live spectator mode and opportunities for online-enabled racqueteers to battle it out in Ranked or Friendly modes over Xbox Live.

The 1080p visuals bring Xbox 360 right up to date alongside the PS3 version, and pave the way for for the 'real' hi-def revolution. But while Xbox Live will serve up both the Ranked and Friendly online matches, we've known since last September that PS3 gamers might miss out on the online fun, and support for the PlayStation Network has still not been confirmed by Sega.

The VT:TV mode will mean you can log on and watch anyone else competing in both Exhibition and Tournament matches, to provide either a silent supporting presence or indulge in some note-taking tactical research. Sega has yet to announce how many spectators will be allowed, but we're guessing the strength of Xbox Live should see an almost unlimited number of bystanders made welcome.

"Virtua Tennis 3 on Xbox 360 is definitely the next generation of tennis," says Sega's creative director, Matt Woodley, which will no doubt irk Sony's already delicate feelings while massaging Microsoft's increasingly preened feathers. As it were. We hope to have a review of Virtua Tennis 3 to slam into your eyes soon, before the game hits PS3, PC and Xbox 360 this March.