360 price cut tipped for March 14

Microsoft is rumoured to be cutting the price of itsXbox 360in a little over one week's time. Here comes the fight forGrand Theft Auto IV's sales.

When we first heard about a possible price cut, we immediately thought it was an odd time for such a move. ButGTA IVwill be with us at the end of April and that means big business for Sony and Microsoft.

TechRadar reports the price of everyXbox 360SKU is to be slashed by 50 Euros on March 14 across Europe and cites "well-placed games industry sources". Not sure what, if anything, that means for the US.

Grand Theft Auto is famously associated with the PlayStation brand, but with360claiming to have the 'complete experience' over Sony with exclusive downloadable content, this could be Microsoft's biggest chance at truly breaking the mass market with 360. And that's something Microsoft wants to happen more than the resurrection of HD-DVD.

Microsoft wouldn't comment on the rumour when contacted, but we didn't really expect details if this does turn out to be true. That'd be a week of full price sales down the toilet. And every little bit helps.

Either way, it'll be interesting to see which way the sales of GTA IV go -PS3or360? The results should keep those analysts busy for a while. And if true, that'll mean 360s cheaper thanWiis. Well the ones without a hard drive anyway...

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 5, 2008