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30 Greatest Movie Themed Weddings

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

Why It's Cool: This couple decided that they wanted to dress up as Indiana Jones and his trusted beau for their wedding invites.

Cue a day of running around the South Florida Zoo in a fedora – and attempting to avoid a massive, rolling boulder...

If It Was A Film: We've already seen Indy get married. Is it time Mutt went down the aisle, too? (Probably not.)

Alien Vs Predator (2004)

Why It's Cool: It's deliciously sinister, not least in the message written at the bottom of the xeno-style cake, which reads: “You may now decapitate the bride.”

Sadly, we don't think the bride and groom actually dressed up as preds and xeno, but the cake itself is awesome embodied.

If It Was A Film: It'd be a spoof comedy in with the predators and the xenomorphs finally kiss and make up by getting married. But how long with the tryst last?

Superman (1978)

Why It's Cool: They're, frankly, the coolest wedding invitations we've ever seen.

The attention to detail is second to none, from the perfect Daily Planet letterhead to the replacement of the traditional 'S' in Superman's logo to a 'W' (in order to fit in with the groom's surname). Super-duper.

If It Was A Film: Superman marries Lois Lane! This is surely the plot of Man Of Steel 2 ...

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Why It's Cool: Jamie and Christopher discovered they couldn't afford to go to Disneyland for their nuptials, so they decided to bring Disney to them instead.

That meant getting Jamie's dad to dress up as King Triton so that she and her fiancé could play Ariel and Prince Eric. Bless.

If It Was A Film: It'd be about Disney fanatics who start a fundraiser in order to make their big day as Disney-fied as possible – but will they ever make enough to do it right?

Photo: Shari Photography

Shrek (2001)

Why It's Cool: Princess Fiona's, well, not exactly the first animated princess that springs to mind when you think about getting married, is she?

You'd think most brides would want to attend their big day dressed as Aladdin 's Jasmine or The Little Mermaid 's Ariel. This couple came as Shrek and Fiona. And we offer them a hearty toast...

If It Was A Film: It'd be called Ogre The Rainbow and follow the happy couple as they attempt to make their dream of marrying while dressed as Shrek and Fiona come true – much to the chagrin of their families.

Movie Theatre

Why It's Cool: It's a wedding that actually took place at a cinema! Or, alright, a 'movie theatre', in local Texas vernacular – this super-hip ceremony took place at the Lakewood Theatre in Dallas.

On the slightly weirder front, the couple brewed a Potter-like potion as part of the ceremony...

If It Was A Film: It'd be called The Movie Theatre Bride and be about a woman who travels America having sham weddings with various men.

But it's all because a childhood trauma in a cinema that means she can't stay away from them. Sob, sob.

Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)

Why It's Cool: It's a retro B-horror throwback replete with some rather fetching artwork.

The theme carried on throughout the wedding, from the horror movie dining tables (which included Curse Of The Werewolf ), and the obligatory zombie cake, which feature a zombie bride and groom on top.

If It Was A Film: Er, it already was...

Casablanca (1942)

Why It's Cool: It's an invite based on the Humphrey Bogart classic, only with the bride and groom replacing the key players.

And there's nothing quite as cool as replacing Bogart on a movie poster, is there?

If It Was A Film: It would be a much-belated sequel to Casablanca , obviously, only this time the action happens in sunny California...

Zombie Apocalypse

Why It's Cool: Glamour may be the name of the game for most brides, but this one didn't want any of that. What did she want? ZOMBIES OF COURSE.

This is actually a shot used for the happy couple's wedding invites, but that doesn't diminish its awesomeness – those zombies are some of the scariest we've seen outside of The Walking Dead...

If It Was A Film: It'd be called Car Park Zombies , and be about a rare breed of zombie that only feeds in car parks.

Horror Movie

Why It's Cool: This couple didn't go for a specific movie for their wedding, instead opting for the horror genre at large.

They get massive cool points for having table place cards made to look like ouija boards. Even cooler, the evening ended with a screening of Bride Of Frankenstein . Now that's one cool wedding.

If It Was A Film: A mass séance at a wedding goes horribly wrong when the bride's dead ex-boyfriend pitches up – and he's not happy that she's moved on when he hasn't.

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