2Moons rise up

Recently resurrected publisher Acclaim has released the first details of 2Moons - a new MMORPG for PCs, which is being worked on by Earthworm Jim and Enter The Matrix developer, Dave Perry.

Based on an existing MMORPG called Dekaron - which is already a success in Korea - Acclaim has drafted in Perry to work alongside Dekaron's developer, GameHi, to specifically tailor 2Moons for the tastes of Western gamers.

Set in a world where any hope for survival is virtually nil, gamers' characters have to learn how to become "saviors."

An arcade style fighting system will be used that will allow gamers to directly trade blows with 2Moons' various enemies. Perry claims that the game will be "the most violent MMO on the market."

2Moons will be free to download and won't require any subscriptions. Instead, Acclaim will get money from in-game advertising but, curiously, players will apparently be given an option to turn off the advertising if they choose.

If you're interested in taking part in the 2Moons beta testing, you cansign up here.

August 10, 2006