28 Weeks Later trailer online

Fox Atomic have released the trailer to 28 Weeks Later , the sequel to honest-they're-not-zombies film 28 Days Later (out 11 May), and it looks grrrrrrreat . Go have a look-see, then come back here and we'll tell you more about it.

Now, we know what some of you are thinking. "Meh, it's a sequel, the original director and cast aren't involved, it'll be a rubbish cash-in". But hold your horses. I went on set for this film back in October 2006 (I'm writing the feature right now, actually! Be sure to buy SFX 158 - it'll be all kinds of fine). I arrived with the same kind of mindset, but went away feeling really excited about the film. Danny Boyle may not be directing, but he has been involved (even doing some second-unit shooting), and on set you really got the sense that all involved were very concerned to try and create something faithful to the spirit of the original. And the director, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, is certainly no hack. Yes, it’s gonna be more action-orientated, but I don’t think this movie is gonna be a sell-out.

For those of you who aren't genned up on this film, let me talk you through the trailer:

0.13: That sniper is Doyle, played by Jeremy Renner. He's a Special Forces guy.
00.17: "Distict One" is an area around Canary Wharf/The Isle of Dogs. It's where American forces have set up camp as they try to get Britain back on its feet and move some of the population back in.
0.25: All the Infected from the original outburst have long-since starved to death. So now there are just bodies left to burn.
0.30: The woman in the shower is Alice (Catherine McCormack). She’s the wife of Robert Carlyle’s character, Don.
0.33: ...and these kids are Don and Alice’s children. If the girl looks familiar it’s because the actress played a young Evie in V For Vendetta.
0.38: On the right is US military doctor Scarlet, played by Rose Doyle, who’s top of the cast list. These two are gonna get much better acquainted once it all goes tits-up...
0.44: The kids are reunited with pops. Aw.
0.50: That’s General Stone (Idris Elba). He’s in charge of District One.
0.58: “Are you going to tell us what happened to Mum?” Er, probably not. Don has a bit of a guilty secret there...
1.04: Here’s Alice again. It looks rather like their tests have showed that she’s carrying something nasty, doesn’t it?
1.20: Oh dear. Looks like it’s going tits-up.
1.24: “Execute code red”. In other words: shoot everything that moves.
1.37: The music here is by Muse.
1.44: Here’s Doyle leading Scarlet and the kids to safety. (Oh, and that bloke in a blue shirt you can just about glimpse is “Receptionist”. No proper name? His card’s marked, surely?)
1.54: Mass bombing - good way to wipe out an infection. You can just glimpse a helicopter pilot - Flynn, played by Harold Perrineau (best known as Michael in Lost).
1.56 Bobby Carlyle legs it from a load of Infected. I reckon this is from a sequence set during the original outbreak.
1.58: This chopper sequence was shot in the grounds of Knebworth House back in October. Hey - that bloke hanging on to the helicopter has got a blue shirt on...
1.59: Here they’re running through the Greenwich tunnel, which runs from Cutty Sark Gardens to Island Gardens, Tower Hamlets, and 50 feet under the Thames.

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