28 Weeks trailer infecting the 'net

After sticking the trailer ahead of this past weekend’s The Hills Have Eyes 2 to help that film’s US box office (a nice plan that didn’t really work), the Fox Atomic bods have now decreed that we mere mortals around the world are allowed to gaze upon the first footage from 28 Weeks Later.

Set in England months after the rage virus swept through the country in 28 Days Later… and left a desolate wasteland with the “infected” seemingly having starved to death, the US Army is now starting to try and repopulate the place, bringing untouched survivors to a safe part of London.

But this being the sequel to Danny Boyle’s urgent horror, things naturally go scare-shaped when a carrier of the virus is unwittingly allowed into the “safe” zone. Cue lots of running, screaming and code red situations.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is directing this time out, with the likes of Idris Elba, Robert Carlyle, Harold Perrineau and Catherine McCormack starring, and the film attacks our screens on 11 May. The trailer, meanwhile, can be found here . Just be sure to go through the decontamination shower when you’re finished watching.

Source: ( Apple )

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