28 Weeks Later international trailer attacks

The American trailer for zombie – yeah, we used the zed word – horror follow-up 28 Weeks Later has been menacing the Internet for a while now.

But now us international types have been graced with our own version, courtesy of the slavering, blood-drenched publicity types at Fox.

It’s much the same footage, with just a few extras shots thrown in and sets up 28 Weeks’ premise – that London is essentially dead months following the outbreak of the rage virus of 28 Days Later, and now the US army is trying to slowly repopulate the city in safe zones with the uninfected.

Sadly, and because without it, this would be more like a post-apocalyptic Ken Loach film, the virus isn’t actually destroyed, but merely dormant and carried within one of the survivors.

Cue the madness, the mayhem and Robert Carlyle being chased by a drooling pack of athletic zomboids!

You can view the trailer right here , while the film arrives on 11 May.

Source: ( Fox )