27 game-inspired characters made in ModNation Racers

The beta is still open in Europe, but allthe places have been taken, so sadly if you haven't got on it already, you'll have to wait until the full game launches later this year. Until then, check out these frankly brilliant custom creations:

Modern gaming icons

Gordon Freeman by ConnorMatthew123

Helghast by ssaannttii

Jak by Dafrol

Kratos by Math50100

Nathan Drake by XxSteviexX

Sly Cooper by hennesder7

Old Snake by DanFish88

Patapon by da-wolfdude

Vault Boy by Sion1983

Sackboy by santagun

Sam Fisher by Blood_God_UK

Grey Fox by Zooplakton


Chun Li by rockcut777

Mai Shiranui by rockcut777

Zangief by (you guessed it) rockcut777

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Justin Towell

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