23 Possible Bond 23 Villains

Cillian Murphy

The Villain: Intense Irish actor who paid the inevitable IRA dues in The Wind That Shakes The Barley but now specialises in playing weirdoes for Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins and Inception .

Bond Backstory: Orphaned by the Troubles, Cillian's hair-trigger temper has turned him into a survivalist assassin who specialises in offing the Queen's licensed killers.

Bond Villain Quirk: Razor-wire rosary beads.

Melissa Leo

The Villain: Veteran character actress who paid her dues on Homicide: Life On The Street , before finding fame in middle-age in Frozen River and her current Oscar-nominated turn in The Fighter .

Bond Backstory: Cruel dominatrix with an army of ninja slaves who do her every bidding.

Bond Villain Quirk: She performs karaoke while having her victims killed.

Yvan Attal

The Villain: French-based, Israeli-born actor who appeared in Munich and Rush Hour 3, was Cesar-nominated for Rapt , but is better known in France for being Tom Cruise's dub voice.

Bond Backstory: A banker who tries to bring down the world's stock markets by assassinating the heads of high-profile businesses.

Bond Villain Quirk: Abacus nunchucks.