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2007 - The best gaming year ever

20th Dec, 2007

Gaming is an up and down experience. Some yearscram top quality titles into our every orifice until we’re bursting with videogame joy and have excess polygons dripping messily out of our ears, while some other years… Well, some other years are 1983.

In 2007 though, we’ve had a very good year indeed. A scarily good year in fact. One which has provided us so much brilliance on every format that it’s a genuine worry that the laws of karmic balance will soon bring us a plague of fire-breathing crack locusts in recompense. Not only that, but this year has been fantastic for the industry. We’ve seen vast growth and had millions of new players jump onboard. Developers big and small have been knocking it off the globe with a concentrated boost of creativity, and we’ve seen some seriously exciting partnerships formed.

Look, this is all too damn good to sum up in a couple of little paragraphs. We’ll explode if we try, and you don’t want our entrails dripping down the inside of your monitor. Instead, follow us at a slightly more sedate – yet still childishly bouncy – pace as we go through just why 2007 may have been the best gaming year ever. Trust us, we’re going to be looking back on this one with warm and cuddly thoughts for a very long time to come.