2006 FIFA World Cup Germany

There's a Global Challenge mode that recreates and has you playing through some of the most memorable moments from World Cups past and, as is the norm, a host of unlockable bonus material. No word has yet been given on the Live modes, but there are sure to be plenty of ways to beat the Germans online.

Of course it's how it plays out on the pitch that counts, and playable code has yet to reach us, sadly. However, unless significant improvements have been made since last time - and we're not counting our chickens as it's only been five minutes since RTWC was released, plus this outing will appear on nine different formats - then it'll be back to PES 5's edit mode. Still: 48 days!

Above: If this is the sight waiting for us at the end of the tourney proper, we'll start following tiddlywinks instead. It's less painful that way