20 Things We Now Know About Avatar

At long last, real information is starting to leak from James Cameron’s fortress of non-spoilertude.

So we thought we’d collect all of Cameron's new quotes and explain why they make us more excited than ever...

You can watch the Avatar trailer here.

2. Avatar Has Loads Of Aliens

“Pandora is Earth like, it has lush rainforests filled with incredible life forms like a 1,000 foot tall trees, a myriad of creatures, some of which are quite beautiful, some of which are quite terrifying.“

Why This Makes Us Even More Excited

We've been waiting all this time for a glimpse at the Na'vi - we didn't know there was a myriad of creatures to get worked up about.

3. It’s An Eco-Aware Tale, With A Cameron Twist

“Pandora’s natives, the Na’vi, live in a state that we would consider primitive –bows and arrows, that sort of thing – but who ultimately prove to be much wiser than we are.

They’re 10 feet tall, blue skin, striped like tigers and quite fierce looking. They normally live harmoniously in their forest environment, but can be ferocious when provoked.”

Why This Makes Us Even More Excited

This quote does make Avatar sound a bit like the third act of Return Of The Jedi, but we like Return Of The Jedi - Ewoks and all.

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4. It's Not A Matrix Rip-Off

“Humans can’t breathe the air on Pandora, so it was decided to create a human/Na’vi hybrid via genetic engineering, called the Avatars.

They’re living, breathing bodies in a real world, not synthetic alter egos- this is not a Matrix style story. They’re controlled by a human driver, who projects their consciousness onto the Avatar body.”

Why This Makes Us Even More Excited

We're glad Cameron's pointed out that this isn't a Matrix style story - the similarities to that franchise was one of our only worries when we heard the original pitch.

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Why This Makes Us Even More Excited

Hundreds of Gollums? Okay James, you've talked us into seeing it, just about. Maybe. NOW RELEASE A TRAILER ALREADY!

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