16 secret Lost references in videogames

Halo 3's most famous machinima began around the same time as Lost, and lasted for an impressive 100 episodes. With all that virtual airtime to fill, the YouTube show was guaranteed to mention the ABC show at some point.

What's surprising, then, is the attitude. By 2008, when this clip was uploaded, Red vs Blue's creators were clearly exhausted – and possibly annoyed – by Lost's unexplained mysteries. Watch from 1:25 and onward to hear Sarge complain about polar bears, the smoke monster and Walt's puberty. He even nails a prediction: "Next thing you know, we'll be flashing sideways to Everybody Loves Raymond." He was half right, anyway.

For another jab at Lost's often nonsensical storytelling,click hereand fast-forward to around 7:40. Guess someone didn't like the Tailies…

Charlie Barratt
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