15 phrases we cant wait to try in Scribblenauts Unmasked


Superman is referred to as the Last Son of Krypton, but there are actually hundreds of his seemingly lost race around, theyre just living inside a bottle. The entire city of Kandor was shrunk down and stolen a few years before the destruction of Krypton, and while Superman was eventually able to rescue Kandor, hes never able to restore the town to normal size. At best, Kal-El occasionally shrinks himself to visit them every now and again, but the people of Kandor are getting fed up with being an inch tall.

How will it work? Since we know Superman's Fortress of Solitude will be in the game, Supes hideout would be incomplete without the Bottle City of Kandor. But after we spend a few moments admiring it, we hope that we can conjure a shrink ray to help Superman police the tiny town Nightwing and Flamebird-style.

Apache Chief

Inukchuk! Thats the magic word that makes Apache Chief grow almost 60 feet tall (though it sadly didnt work for us just now). Apache Chief was introduced on the Super Friends cartoon in the 1970s as part of an effort to make the all-white team of heroes more diverse--though the good intentions resulted in some very broadly drawn stereotypes. His growth powers and magic word are fairly cool, while his Native American accent is a bit over the top. All that makes him a fittingly goofy Scribblenauts inclusion.

How will he work? Honestly, we hope all the weirdos from Super Friends show up, but we want the Chief in particular because of his magic powder. We hope that if we conjure him, hell share some of said powder with Maxwell, making the kid tower over the entire stage. Itll at least make it easy to solve puzzles that are normally out of reach.

Lazarus Pit

Death is nothing to Ras al Ghul. No matter how many times Batman defeats him, he has a nasty habit of surviving thanks to his vast supply of Lazarus Pits. These green cesspools are naturally occurring, and Ras has them secreted away all around the world. A quick dip in a Lazarus Pit will restore someone from almost any wound, though the brief side effects include super strength and murderous rage. No word yet if long term use makes everyone a megalomaniacal super villain.

How will it work? Scribblenauts has a nasty habit of throwing zombies at you, and were a little tired of setting them on fire. Drop a Lazarus Pit in front of them and youll change them back into regular folks... well, after their rage subsides.

Black Racer

The day you always feared has come: youve died. And here comes the Grim Reaper to claim you, as you can tell by his trademark... skis? Yes, in the DC universe death sometimes takes the form of the Black Racer. Hes often seen escorting New Gods and other metahumans to the afterlife, which he usually instigates via his death touch. Now that you know that hes waiting on the other side, try not to snicker.

How will he work? Having such a deadly force ski in on the air would be useful enough, but wed really like to borrow those cosmic skis. Would they give us the power to grant deaths sweet embrace, or would we just have an edge in the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Phantom Zone Projector

Sometimes Superman fights enemies that are so powerful no prison could ever hold them, but since Supes isnt a fan of the death penalty, what else can he do after he beats them? Thats when he puts his enemies in the Phantom Zone, a Sci-Fi purgatory that houses Kryptons worst criminals in a weightless vacuum. Aside from the occasional Zod outbreak, the Phantom Zone is pretty secure, and youll need a Projector to send anyone there.

How will it work? Is your current challenge to stop Doomsday from destroying Metropolis? Just pull out said Projector and youll be done with the murder machine without breaking a sweat.


Think Black Adam is Shazams greatest enemy? Hardly. Black Adam may have killer instinct and impressive strength, but he cant match the ruthlessness and brilliant plans of Mr. Mind, the leader of the Monster Society of Evil. A tiny space worm, Mr. Mind has such powerful psychic abilities that whole teams of heroes have fallen to his might. And dont count out his resilience--when he finally was caught, he got sent to the electric chair, and even that couldnt stop him.

How will he work? There are many ways to control minds in Scribblenauts, but wed probably only use a malevolent green worm if given the choice. Mr. Minds combination of serious threat and weird design are why we love comics, and hed fit well in the Scribblenauts world.

Meanwhile, at The Hall of Justice...

Thats all the items we could think of currently, but if any fanboys and fangirls out there have more suggestions, wed love to see your picks from DCs vault. And this feature doesnt end here. We promise that well test all these entries in Scribblenauts Unmasked the first chance we get, and well bring you the results. We swear on our copy of Action Comics #1.

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