14 Greatest Format-Breaking SF & Fantasy TV Episodes Ever 9

9 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
“Yes, Virginia, There Is A Hercules” (1998)

It’s not surprising that a show that could come up with an episode title like “Centaur Mentor Journey” would eventually decide to turn the “silly” up to 11. And boy, did it do a good job when it did, in this fourth season romp that was set in present-day America. Not so much breaking the fourth wall as exploding through it with a Trident missile, “Yes, Virginia…” featured the producers of a little show named Hercules worrying about the fate of their star, Kevin Sorbo, after an earthquake hits Los Angeles. The actors play the real-life team behind the series as a bunch of loons and have so much fun larking about that this idea became a running gag on the show… and was also picked up by its stablemate, Xena , although if we’re brutally honest the joke had worn a bit thin by then…

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