14 years after launch, Gran Turismo fan manages to discover never-before-seen PSP cheat codes "out of pure curiosity"

Gran Turismo PSP
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Back in 2009, Gran Turismo came to PSP. Despite being one of the platform's best-selling titles, it's only now - 14 years later - that one fan has managed to discover the hidden cheat codes lying in the game all this time.

Reddit user pez2k says these codes were discovered "via disassembling the game scripts using Nenkai's GTAdhocToolchain mod tools out of pure curiosity. I happened to spot two lists of buttons in one of the main scripts, then it took a couple of attempts to confirm exactly which buttons needed to be held, then another to verify that they did what the code suggested."

If you've just dusted off your old PSP, charged the battery, and are looking to cheat, just head to the main menu and put in the codes below.

  • Add all cars to the collection, in their first color: Hold Start + Select + R: Up, Right, Left, Left, Square, Up, Right, Right, Up, Triangle, Right, Up
  • Set money to 99,000,000 Cr: Hold Start + Select + L: Down, Square, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Right, Square, Up, Down, Up, Down 
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As prominent Gran Turismo dataminer Nenkai jokes, "You kinda need three hands" to input these codes." Nenkai actually found a handful of cheats in Gran Turismo 4 earlier this year through similar methods. The GT4 codes oddly only work after 365 days of in-game time have passed, but it's still an impressive discovery for a two-decade-old game - especially considering that the Gran Turismo series typically doesn't offer cheats.

Or who knows, maybe there are codes hiding deep inside the rest of the entire series. It'd only be fitting if some of the best racing games ever made had a few more secrets to give up.

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