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14 forgotten franchises we want back

Why we want it back: Smuggler’s Run has no modern equivalent. Car games now are all some variation on racing, tricks or combat, while Run was all about getting from point A to point B with your precious cargo intact. Make drops, avoid border patrol, careen over mountains, whatever you have to do to get the job done. The dead simple gameplay (you vs them) and enormous level maps made each level intensely exciting, with almost every chase ending in a vehicle-launching explosion.

Above: Big air, exaggerated physics and weird dance music made Run a distinct experience

How we’d like to see it return: As a hugely multiplayer cops vs robbers war zone. The more cars on the field the better, though obviously we’d still want some 8 on 8 rounds. This formula would absolutely kill on Xbox Live/PS3, and if all the matchmaking and modes were handled correctly (as in Bungie-level attention to detail) Rockstar could have yet another mega franchise on its hands. Midnight Club’s had its chance – let’s try something else.