13 years later, a Dead Space 2 trick for bagging tons of extra loot is finally being discovered, and even one of its own devs didn't know about it

Dead Space 2
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Dead Space 2 players are discovering a little-known trick that lets you bag a ton of extra loot, and even one of the game's own developers didn't know about it until now.

Of course, Dead Space 2 being a bonafide survival horror game, resources like credits, which you can use to buy gear and weapon upgrades among other things, and stasis, which refills the meter that allows you to slow enemies down, are precious. And so it's with a mix of astonishment and frustration that I've learned about a brand new way to acquire both of those resources quickly and easily.

Over on the Dead Space subreddit, there's a popular post doing the rounds showing a player shooting an ATM until it shows visible damage and produces a whopping 10,000 credits. Appearing somewhat befuddled, the player quickly finds a nearby medical station and fires away in its direction, eventually earning themselves a stasis pack for their trouble.

"13 years and I've only now realized you can destroy the ATMs and get credits and the medical stations and get stasis," the post reads, lightly edited for clarity.

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Commenters are almost universally surprised to discover the method for the first time.

"I'm so blown away bc of the days I've wasted in those games," writes one Redditor.

"I could have had so many more credits to spend on cool gadgets," writes another, echoing my thoughts exactly.

"I had no idea about this. I'll just add it to the myriad of reasons I need to replay it!" says another with a refreshingly half-glass-full perspective.

Even one of the game's developers, Seth Hall, who was at the time Visceral Games' visual effects director, wasn't aware of the trick. "Hah! I worked on Dead Space as a visual effects artist and didn't even realize that was a thing. God damn!"

It's worth noting that not all ATMs will give you credits and not every med station will give you stasis for breaking them - in fact, the exceptionally generous amount of credits in the ATM suggests to me that it's probably a rare find - but for the amount of potential resources earned, it's worth smashing every one you see as it doesn't take long.

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