10 SF & Fantasy Movie Flops That Shouldn't Have Been 10

Terry Gilliam
Box office: $23.5 million
The tall tales and fantastical adventures of a 17th century aristocrat. Not exactly Ken Loach.
Why it shouldn’t have flopped: Typically for Terry Giliam it's bursting with invention and imagination. It's sharp and funny and rich in sumptuous visuals and great comic turns.
Why it probably flopped: Again, it's Terry Gilliam isn't it? Sometimes the full-on assault of his imagination can be a bit too much to take. And with a pretty unknown 62-year-old as your lead it's not going to break box office records. God, Gilliam can't even have a success when he's got Johnny Depp in his movie!
What should have flopped instead: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Much talked about at the time. Now almost forgotten. And they couldn't even put a question mark on the end of the title. Tut.

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