10 Clucking Good Robot Chicken Moments

While we’re still not sure that Short Circuit needs to be remade, we’re happy that Robot Chicken writer Dan Milano is having a crack at the script.

Robot Chicken – created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich is a cracking, ADD-influenced blast of pure geek parody.

They cover everything in pop culture and have created some spot on movie parodies over the years. Here are a few of our favourites…

The Movie Being Parodied: The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Why It's Funny: It pokes fun at the essential cheesiness of Wolfgang Petersen’s 1984 fantasy trifle.

We especially love Atreyu vacuuming Falkor at the start.

Plus, Rockbiter throwing gang signs after crushing a cop is never not funny.

Clucking Good Line: “Say my name Bastian… Say my name!” The Empress gets into the swing of things.

Next: Batman Begins


The Movie Being Parodied: Batman Begins (200)

Why It's Funny: It captures the tone and look of Chris Nolan’s Bat-universe perfectly: the soaring music, the glimpse of main character Heimlich standing atop a building in his lederhosen.

Bonus points for the crack at Rob Schneider with the “Space Gigolo†poster reference and joke from the off.

Clucking Good Line:
“It’s always sausage with you, isn’t it?†A random Hollywood executive cuts Joel Schumacher to the core.

Next: Michael Bay


The Movie Being Parodied: Every Michael Bay film ever made

Why It's Funny: Michael Bay. Explosions. ‘Nuff said.

Oh, and the perfectly overenthusiastic trailer announcer who sounds like he’s having an orgasm while providing voice-over for the various pyrotechnics.

Clucking Good Line: “That sucked!” Cinemagoer speaks the truth.

Next: March Of The Penguins


The Movie Being Parodied: March Of The Penguins (2005)

Why It's Funny: Only the Chicken gang would think to spoof the hit doc using The Penguin from out of Batman.

He’s a superbly foul, squalid and hilarious version of the old Batman TV show’s take on the character.

Top marks for the spot-on Morgan Freeman impersonation.

Clucking Good Line:
“The penguin’s mating ritual can last for two hours… or two minutes.”

Next: ET


The Movie Being Parodied: ET (1982)

Why It's Funny: Haven’t you ever wondered what ET’s race is really like?

We love that it’s actually much more like a typical American High school, with a bunch of bullies pointing out how “special” our pudgy, poo-shaped hero is.

And there’s even time for an extra SF parody right at the end.

Clucking Good Line: “What the hell are you calling yourself ‘ET’ for, spaz? Your name is Cleeborp!”

Next: Star Wars


The Movie Being Parodied: Star Wars (1977)

Why It's Funny: Star Wars has been picked at and spoofed so many times over the years, it’s a wonder anyone can find something new to poke fun at.

Extra kudos, then to the Chickens, for smartly making fun of some minor characters.

Poor old Ponda Baba – simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. We particularly like that his encounter at Mos Eisley ruined his job.

Clucking Good Line: “I love your hair! Where did you get it done?” If only he’d had subtitles in real life…

Next: X-Men


The Movie Being Parodied: X-Men (2000)

Why It's Funny: Mixing X-Men and Police Academy? Superb!

It doesn’t hurt that the Chicken crew takes delight in abusing the academy idiots – while still knowingly playing to their strengths.

We’d pay to see this in the cinema. If only because they all die…

Clucking Good Line:
“Well, that’s… Horrifying.” Hightower’s uniform gives Professor X a nasty surprise.

Next: Godzilla


The Movie Being Parodied: Godzilla (1954)

Why It's Funny: A great blend of Godzilla and Training Day (no, really), which sees the big G taking a new recruit out on the dangerous streets. To stomp them…

Denzel couldn’t have done it better…

Clucking Good Line: “You got to unlearn that bulls**t they teach you on Monster Island, ‘cos that s**t will get you killed…”

Next: Clash Of The Titans


The Movie Being Parodied: Clash Of The Titans (1981)

Why It's Funny: Years of bank holiday repeats have drummed the movie into our brains.

But this video works so well because it’s another great, thoughtful spin on a simple concept.

And what’s not to love a tiny shout-out to another popular film at the end (which we won’t spoil)? Wonder if Sam Worthington can be half this entertaining in the remake?

Clucking Good Line: “I’m free! Oh, my god… it’s oh so beautiful! I honestly thought I would never get out.”

Next: Star Trek II


The Movie Being Parodied: Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Why It's Funny:
Pure, unadulterated genius.

Boiling the beloved Trek entry down to one and a half minutes of opera stylings loses none of its power but ups the laugh ratio considerably.

They even get the prefix code right. Now that’s commitment…

Clucking Good Line:
(Sung) “My ear! I’m not supposed to get eels in it!”

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