Xbox 360's RPG revival

Who’s responsible?
Reality Pump

What’s their background?
Best known for being behind the EARTH series, Reality Pump’s history is grounded in real time strategy games. KnightShift was their first step into the RPG market but this was more of a RTS/RPG hybrid, than a standalone RPG

What makes it great?
It may not be as detailed as Oblivion but it certainly holds its own, and a good selection of upgradeable weapons ensures the combat always feel varied and action-packed.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this RPG is the multiplayer mode. A click of a button transforms the single player game into one that allows you to team up with, or fight against, other groups of players as well as complete the usual quests to unlock locations.

An expansion is planned for the second quarter of 2008, which will feature new abilities, areas and improved AI, but if you’re desperate to get your fix of sorcery and mana before then, thishas more than enough totie you over.

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