Xbox 360's RPG revival

And they have. But not just one, in fact there are over 10 RPG's set to hit the 360 next year, and we're expecting more than a few of these to be life consuming epics. Over the next few pages we'll introduce you to some new, and old, titles that everyone with even a passing interest in monster slaying should be getting excited about.

Lost Odyssey
Release date:
Feb 2008

Who’s responsible?

What’s their background?
Started by the creator of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, with financial backing from Microsoft in 2004. Mistwalker have been behind, the sadly overlooked,Blue Dragon on Xbox 360 and Archaic Sealed Heat which has recently arrived on DS in Japan.

What makes it great?
It looks incredible, with cut scenes rivalling those of Final Fantasy, and while it has a similar look and feel to the FF series, it’s the little things that are going to set this apart from the rest.

In battles your characters won’t just idly stand around waiting for their turn, they’ll shift position and check their armour giving the battle a more realistic feel. Add to this the promise of downloadable content and any sword wielding, magic casting RPG fan should be satisfied come early 2008.

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