Technology has now advanced to the point where smooth, high-res graphics are the default: yesterday's blocky, angular creations are scorned and driven away with memory upgrades and options tweaks, that everything onscreen might look as sleek and crisp as possible. But those chunky block-constructions of yesteryear aren't forgotten completely. You wouldn't want World of Warcraft, for instance, to look like it was knocked together out of Mega Bloks – unless you'd just bought a licensed WoW Mega Bloks set, in which case, yep, that's exactly what you'd want.

First announced at BlizzCon (BlizzCon 2011: Mega Blocks Thrall figure), Mega Bloks' WoW Season 1 Collection includes standalone faction heroes, constructible mounts, and several large-size blocky tableaux to allow fort-bound character battles between you and your (possibly imaginary) friends. Slated for a Summer release, the Collection should theoretically allow for compromises between WoW-addicted youth and their parents. Of course, in practice they'll all be enshrined, unopened, on the toy-shelves of well-heeled geeks – but we're sure they'll look very nice there too.

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