Wii U launch day (night?) livestream, chat begins tonight at 9pm PST

What do you want to see played?

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Or if you're on the West Coast, Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! That's when the Wii U officially hits store shelves, and we here at GamesRadar will be livestreaming as much of the games you want to see as we can. Join us! We'll have a live chatroom, where you can mingle with GamesRadar editors and tell us which game you want to see more of. New Super Mario Bros. U, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Epic Mickey 2...you name it, and we'll play it on the Wii U!

GamesRadar's Wii U launch day livestream begins at 9:01pm PST on Saturday, November 17. Tune in right here when the time arrives!

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