When will we get a new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer? Rumours says there's one coming very, very soon

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s first trailer blew us all away so it’s understandable Disney gave us time to recover, but come on guys, where is the next trailer? Our space prayers, though, may have just been answered and, if the report is true, our next dose of Star Wars 8 (in trailer form) may not be far, far away…

Drumroll please… the date to definitely not call in sick for is October 9. Those whispers come from StarWarsNewsNet’s secret source. It’s easy to take this with a grain of salt, but it’s still super exciting to think about the next trailer arriving in just over a week.

Will we get another look at Snoke – apart from the countless stamps and toys, that is – or even a hint at Luke turning to the Dark Side? We’ve seen frustratingly little of Star Wars 8 thus far (though that’s probably for the best if Hollywood’s tradition of movie-ruining trailers is anything to go by) so it’ll be nice to get a quick sizzle reel before the December release date. Failing that, I just want to see more Porgs. Pretty please?

If you need help killing the time until Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s rumoured second trailer date then GamesRadar+ is the place to be! There are these beautiful, official Star Wars paintings of all of The Last Jedi’s major players to feast your eyes on. Plus, a massive Star Wars 8 info drop which, if you read a million times, might make October 9 come quicker.

Image: Lucasfilm