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  • Tjwoods18 - February 25, 2013 2:31 p.m.

    To even assume that Microsoft is not going to push connect down our throats, or to smash Xbox glass in our face, is a complete understatement. As always, I expect Microsoft to rely on their proven titles rather than venture out onto untouched territory. They are just to comfortable with milking Gears of War and Halo — two titles you just know are going to appear on the next Xbox about three times respectfully. While Sony basically does the same, they aren't afraid to get their feet wet and fail.
  • majormoses117 - February 25, 2013 3:36 p.m.

    It is perfectly normal for consoles to rely on established franchises. Halo and Gears of War for 360, Killzone and God of War for PS3. Remember how PS4 is launching with a new Killzone game? That is hardly "venturing out onto untouched territory". It sounds to me like you are arguing that Sony is better because it has more... what? Unique games that are only on the PS3? Both consoles have exclusive titles. Both consoles have exclusive titles that are crap, and both consoles have exclusive titles that are amazing. I think that if either console released without at least one popular, relevant, and established franchise, gamers would be scratching their heads wondering where in the hell all the games are.
  • BladedFalcon - February 25, 2013 4:19 p.m.

    "It sounds to me like you are arguing that Sony is better because it has more... what? Unique games that are only on the PS3? " Yep, pretty much. Yes, both consoles have exclusives and crappy games each, but the amount of variety and more unique/different games exclusive to the PS3 currently far outmatch those in the 360, which for the past 4 years has pretty much relied in their same old franchises without really trying to come up with something new, or at least secure worthwhile exclusives. Proof? easy, As far exclusives go, MS has the following franchises: Halo, gears of War, Forza, Fable, Viva Piñata...and that's it. And the occasional exclusive such as Splinter Cell: Conviction and tales of vesperia... And not much else. Sony Meanwhile, yes, it also relies on franchise, but not only are these more numerous: God of War, Killzone, Resistance, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, Little Big Planet, Mod nation Racers, Ratchet & Clank, Warhawk and StarHawk Infamous and Uncharted. But the amount of unique exclusive games is also greater: Heavy Rain, Ni No Kuni, Demon's Souls, Disgaea 3 and 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Twisted Metal, Tales of Xilia, Valkyria Chronicles, and not to mention the Upcoming Beyond: two Souls and The Last of Us. Can you see the difference yet? Furthermore, yes, Sony announced a new killzone and a new infamous, but along with it, also announced new IPs such as Drive Club and Knack, so at least their are doing a good job in mixing both new and established IPs. The question then, is if Microsoft will step up their game and bet on new franchises, or rely on their same cash cows to keep them alive. The trend they have followed in the last years suggest they might rely on the same stuff, but who knows.
  • Tjwoods18 - February 25, 2013 5:32 p.m.

    Took the words out of my mouth, exactly my point.
  • Tjwoods18 - February 25, 2013 5:31 p.m.

    "Venturing out onto untouched territory" in Microsoft's perspective, not Sony's. Microsoft hit titles (Crackdown series, Gears of War series, Halo series) have been only in the shooter genre and no where else. Yes there was the adventure/role playing game Fable, but that rarely comes and goes compared to MS's other big hits. My point was that if Microsoft wants to survive they need to turn some focus towards other gaming genre's, and replicate the success that they had with Shooting titles For comparative standards lets turn towards Sony's acclaim. God of war series - (Action/Adventure) widely successful Gran Turismo - (Racing) one of the best selling racing games outside of Mario Kart Kill Zone Series - (Shooter) Critically acclaimed Little Big Planet - (Puzzle Platformer) Widely successful Socom series - (Tactical shooter) highly successful, except for Socom 4 Yakuza series - (Action Role Playing) Widely popular around the world Heavy Rain - (Interactive Drama) Highly acclaimed and successful Yes Sony does milk their titles just as much as Microsoft, but Sony has not been afraid to try new things with other gaming genre's, and as a result they have a hit game in just about every field of video games — whereas Microsoft has only mastered Shooters, and partly the adventure genre.
  • 7-D - February 25, 2013 11:22 p.m.

    Trouble is whilst the Xbox roster leading up to next-gen looks pretty bleak, Sony are supporting their console right up until the button - big time. As mentioned; No Ni Kuni, GOW Ascension, Last of Us, Beyond two souls and rumours of a new MGS. Some absolute belters there. It almost feels like Microsoft has reached it's saturation, made it's money and has now abandoned it in the lead to up to it's next console. I know who's got my respect and attention.

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