Warren Spector to receive GDC's Lifetime Achievement Award

Warren Spector is a name you should know if you've ever spent time lurking around in Deus Ex, hacking things in Ultima, or painting worlds in Epic Disney. Now, that name is scheduled to be immortalized for all time on a Lifetime Achievement award during the 2012 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

The award recognizes video game veterans who's accomplishments have made a lasting impression on the industry. Last year, it went to Peter Molyneux, and in the past it has gone to other notable icons including John Carmack, Hideo Kojima, and Sid Meier. Warren was selected this year thanks to his hand in producing and designing a number of hit games and franchises over a span of decades, including Wing Commander, Ultima, and Thief.

“Warren, whose rarified, ‘big picture’ thinking and ideals have done a great deal for the games industry, exemplifies the exact qualities that a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient should possess,” said GDC rep Meggan Scavio. “In presenting him with this honor, we continue a tradition of highlighting individuals whose work stands as a benchmark for the next generation of developers.”

Warren will join GDC's Special Award winners Dave Theurer, creator of Missile Command, as well as EMA lawyers Ken Doroshow and Paul M. Smith on stage at the 12th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards on March 7 in San Francisco.


  • bboyd - February 3, 2012 12:58 p.m.

    God, does this man deserve it. It's kind of a tragedy that he wasn't on the list already.
  • onetimebuster - February 3, 2012 12:01 p.m.

    wow i thought he would have been on there already
  • db1331 - February 3, 2012 11:25 a.m.

    It's nice to see someone truly deserving of the award win. Although giving it to Peter Molyneux last year basically invalidated the entire thing. That's like if the Academy Awards gave Uwe Boll best director. No one else ever really deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Miyamoto, but I'd say Warren Spector is about as close as you could come. Dude had his hand in some pretty amazing games. Congrats to him.
  • BrunDeign - February 3, 2012 11:17 a.m.

    You list off some of the people that won the lifetime achievement award, but you left of MIYAMOTO? In favor of someone like KOJIMA? THE HUMANITY. THE INJUSTICE. THE HAM-FISTED FANBOYISM.

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