Video: Heavy Rain... if its characters were posh Brits

A very British family tragedy

Hello and welcome to the second in a new video regular here on GamesRadar. We like to call it 'The Posh British Version'. It's where the GamesRadar UK team take well-known scenes from your favourite games and imagine what they'd sound like if all the characters were over-the-top, posh, British aristocrats. Sounds odd--trust us, it just works... incredibly well.

In this video we take the tragic opening scene from Heavy Rain and reimagine it as an ordinary, family visit to the local shopping centre. Find out how a simple trip to buy a polo mallet and some snuff turns into a frightful outing for all concerned. Oh, and keep watching at the end for an actually terrifying Easter Egg...

Want more? We also did a rather amusing British Version of The Last of Us.


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