Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition

Jaffe's back on the scene and still doesn't know when to say when

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Dec 4, 2007

And here you thought you%26rsquo;d heard the last of David Jaffe, creative director of God of War II and now co-founder of game design studio, Eat Sleep Play (located in Middle of Nowhere, Utah). Jaffe left Sony Computer Entertainment with a multi-game PS3contract under his belt, but lo and behold - here he is with a PS2 game: Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition.

Excessive colon use aside, we%26rsquo;ve got to question Jaffe%26rsquo;s enthusiasm for a belated port of a PSP game that came out nearly 3 years ago. Not that we%26rsquo;re unhappy to see a re-mastered Twisted Metal; we just should%26rsquo;ve seen it a long time ago.

Check out our tasty new screenshereand for examples of new and interesting contractions, go see Jaffe%26rsquo;scrack-happy blog post.

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