Twilight Princess makes its Smash Bros. debut

The daily Smash Bros. Brawl updates are slowly choking the internet to death, but at least once a week we get a cool revelation like today's. Images of Hyrule, taken straight out of Wii best-seller Twilight Princess, arrived on the game's official site today. The battle begins at sunset, it would appear, but previous posts have made it known that day/night cycles are part of the game. The boar-riding orc boss makes a random appearance too, bashing brawlers who get in the way and shattering the bridge you're fighting on. Midna's teleportation antics will bring in a fresh slice of bridge, however, so no word if the battle can move along to the bottom of the chasm as in Dead or Alive.

As you likely know, E3 is mere days away. You'd think more news on Brawl would be forthcoming, but according to Nintendo, that's just not the case. It won't be playable and might not even see any new... anything. An announcement, perhaps (can we have Sonic now, please?), but no hands-on. Sigh.

July 6, 2007