Tron Legacy trailer arrives


Last week we brought you four exclusive Tron Legacy images , and told you not to fear, a trailer was on it's way...

Well Tron fans, that day has arrived. And it is glorious...

Click here to see the brand new Tron Legacy trailer.

Every bit as moody and gritty as the exclusive shots of Flynn's Arcade would have you believe, the real world is presented as used, grim, dirty...

Then we get to Tron, as Kevin Flynn's son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) enters the game, just like his father (Academy Award-winner Jeff Bridges!) did 25 previously.

Dark and stormy, yet clinical and pristine, Tron is every bit the visual successor to classics like Blade Runner - yet comparisons are almost a waste of time,  this is something completely new.

With appearances by a sultry Oliva Wilde, a grizzled Jeff Bridges (and thanks to the digital ageing technology used in X-Men and Benjamin Button, a 1981 version of Jeff Bridges, complete with neon-orange game suit), a completely psychotic, white-haired Michael Sheen, and an aged Bruce Boxleitner, this trailer has more 'wow' moments per second than any of the early Avatar trailers.

All this, and we didn't even mention the lightcycles yet...

Coupled with the release are a couple of cool new images, which together with the trailer are a sign that Disney is well aware what it has on it's hands - this has the potential to be one of the defining films of the next decade, not just 2010.

Check out the images below;

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