Trailer Trash

Sept 28, 2007


Beowulf: The Film will be out in November, and will be sharing a publicity budget with a Game of the same name. The film is produced by Robert Zemeckis (this isn’t the last Zemeckis reference in this week’s Trailer Trash - you’ve been warned), and features an all star cast including Angelina Jolie, John Malkovitch, Anthony Hopkins, Crispin Glover, and others. This trailer for the game, however, stars a sword falling into a puddle over and over while some repetitive-looking hack’n’slash gameplay unfolds. Halfway through, we’re given succor in the form of an unclothed limb - possibly an elbow? followed by what appears to be a knee raised and bent at a missionary-evoking angle. Oh the indignities we’ll suffer for a quick glimpse of bare, wet midriff. We’ll wager that’s the character played by Angelina, though we doubt if that’s actually her navel. If you must know, you can check against this photo essay documenting Ms. Jolie’s many and well-placed tattoos.