Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD release date announced, coming in June

Tony Hawk announced via Twitter today that we can expect the game to return in June. However, this is no ordinary remake. Sure, the levels are being redone with a high-res coat of paint in the Unreal Engine 3, but it wont feature every level from the original game (otherwise we'd likely be paying full price for it like the Halo anniversary re-release or the Wii version of Goldeneye.)

"HUGE thanks to @robojoshy for the donation & for keeping the THPS dream alive with @TonyHawksPSHD (out in June...yeah I said it)," Hawk announced to his nearly three million Twitter followers.

Hawk has previously said that if the game does well we might see more levels come in the future, and that it could possibly even become a platform for releasing all new levels. This might stink a little microtransaction-y, but if it includes levels from Pro Skater 2, then we're in 100%.


  • Net_Bastard - May 8, 2012 5:51 p.m.

    I had already assumed that it was coming in June. I want the DAY dammit!
  • AlexAMG - May 8, 2012 5:05 p.m.

    I'm still mourning the fact it wont have the old soundtrack. Belting round the awesome THPS2 levels again with the likes of Millencolin - No Cigar, and Powerman5000 - When Worlds Colide, would make me a very happy man indeed.
  • Net_Bastard - May 8, 2012 5:51 p.m.

    It's a game, not a music player. Also, it was confirmed that it will have half of the old soundtrack in it.
  • tiben36 - May 8, 2012 4:32 p.m.

    what if the levels were released all separeted and we only buy the ones we like better instead of paying like 6$ for 4 levels with maybe 1 or 2 we like but since its level from THPS1 and 2, they should add some from 3 too
  • somerandomchap - May 8, 2012 3:43 p.m.

    I see no problem with it being a platform for new levels as long as they charge fairly for what they make and as long as we are actually paying for them to make the levels instead of holding back levels they have finished to charge at a later date.

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